• SoundGallery Oy: The company was founded in 1999 and has been offering products (loudspeakers, amplifiers, CD, LP and Blu-ray players) and a high-quality service for both the music and film lover. All our products have been successful in numerous tests worldwide and this is why we guarantee that you always receive the best equipment and solution possible in every price range.

    When looking for first-rate stereo and home cinema systems (loudspeakers, HiFi and home cinema equipment, installation service) SoundGallery is the only choice.

  • Customer care: Visit us or make a reservation for a sound demonstration at home or in your company premises. We will bring and setup the necessary equipment at the agreed time and place for your sound demonstration. Our equipment can also be repainted in any colour to suit your personal interior design.

  • Key-in-hand principle: Planning, installation and advice is included in our service and available all weekdays. Our main target areas are private homes and meeting rooms, but public places, fireplace and shower rooms, saunas, outdoor spaces are also in our field of knowledge.

    Note to builders!

    It is worth your while to contact us well in advance of your building project’s completion (at the latest, before the walls, ceilings and floors have been covered)!

Welcome to the most incredible experience!

Petri Särkisaari

SoundGallery Oy

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